Traktor Scratch Pro Kontrol Z2 is awesome!

Traktor Scratch Pro Kontrol Z2 is awesome!


I’m officially making the switch to Traktor Scratch Pro w/ Native Instrument’s Maschine MK2 & the new Z2 mixer!  I was always curious about the “other DJ software” previously known as Stanton’s Final Scratch that failed back in the days and was jaded ever since… but not only have they learned from their mistakes, they also learned how to beat the competition – Serato… I have many reasons why Traktor is for me, but here are the main ones:

1.  Vinyl Control has more than double the rate of accuracy and less latency – Documented and personally tested.  Big + for me, cause I like to have the most accurate cuts & control when it comes to scratching and mixing – So this reason alone made me curious about Traktor…

2.  More features, options, upgrades & FX… Native Instruments really listened to the DJs who needed more out of their all in one setup and literally put it together all in one package!  W/o getting into too much technical detail… Let me break it down: Remix Decks, USB HUB, Compatibility w/ Maschine & Ableton (Sorry Serato/Ableton Bridge wasn’t cutting it and just as I thought, they Serato let that great idea get away from them…) and did I mention it comes w/ the 3 Stock Innofaders!?! Which brings me to obvious reason #3 –

3.  All this and probably 50% more features I haven’t touched on, for MORE THAN HALF of the Rane 62 mixer…  This was the killer no brainer for me to go buy the Z2!  I use the Rane 62 Z-trip every week at my weekly residency as well as I own the TTM57SL…

4.  In comparison w/ the 62 & the 57, the Z2 creators basically took a look at both mixers and made a better, efficient, roomier, not so jumbled up & can possibly hit the wrong load/cue/group button in the middle of a wicked set.  This makes me confident in knowing that this mixer was built by DJs for DJs…

DSCN1184As per usual, I don’t like being the one to talk about it… stay tuned as I demonstrate the complex cohesion of 3 separate programs and multiple pieces of DJ instruments to make that head knod goodie…  It does feel like I’m cheating on my first love, but if you gotta do it, at least it’s for a hotter, sexier chick that I want to freak!