Scratch’s 10 year Anniversary Event

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Scratch10yearTo celebrate the amazing milestone of Scratch DJ Academy’s ten year anniversary and honoring the legacy of co-founder Jam Master Jay, we are hosting an event to honor three influential DJs who have each made a significant contribution to the DJ artform, culture and community: DJ A-Trak, DJ Kool Herc, and DJ Q-Bert.

This star-studded event was an exclusive event for only the Scratch staff and some students.  I felt really special to attend this once in a lifetime event.  Shout to Scratch Academy on their 10 year anniversary!

It was really dope to see all the DJs I looked up to growing up in person.  I was star struck!  Got talk to Qbert back stage for a couple of mins… He’s really down to earth despite his status as the Best DJ on the planet.  I also got to meet DJ Revolution, YogaFrog and DJ Immortal just to name a few…

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