Rane TTM57SL Serato Mixer – Customize Midi Mapping Groups

Some basic tips I found that not all DJs who own the TTM57SL know that you can customize the 1st 5 groups of the mixer to what ever you like.  Leaving group 6 defaulted to the built in effects.  I share my custom mappings and why I choose them.

I also show a quick tip on how to stay in one group and launch the popular “Echo” effect by using your Flex FX buttons.

I’m interested to see what other DJs map their mixers for… Please share your tips, add comments, Like & Subscribe!

This is one of many Beyond Basic Tutorials that I’m contributing to the DJ community…  Check out my website – www.DJOllie.net for more info, tips & tricks, and anything DJ related…

Peace & Love,

– Ollie