Raiden Fader vs. Frisk Fader – TurntableTV Review

Just preordered my Raiden Fader… I already own the Frisk Fader… I wanted to see what the difference was for portable scratching… so here’s a video by seasoned DJs who have tried both:


Turntable TV: Turntable & Agricultural Mechanics

Turntable TV returns with a new online series! (WATCH in HD)In this episode Dr. Intelligent and The Reverse Opposite of Dumb review the Raiden Fader and Frisk Fader alongside a few turntablists (Kurteek, Step 1, Bakon, Lazyboy, Onedr Love, & Shortkut)!#TTV #TurntableTV

Posted by Thud Rumble on Sunday, August 30, 2015