Serato Hybrid Ableton Bridge Setup w/ MPC1000 w/ TTM57SL

Here’s an oldie but goodie video rocking the hybrid set up w/ my old MPC1000 as a Midi controller to control Ableton’s Looper… I’m posting this cause I’m about to display the new & improved hybrid setup soon!

Mobile DJ Tips & Tricks – Gadgets to make your life easier – Beyond Basics

Sharing some cheap but very helpful gadgets for DJs on the go…

Ziotek ZT1212518 Power Strip Liberator Plus with Pass Through, 5-Pack

Behringer MICROMIX MX400 4-Channel Mixer

Feel free to add on any helpful tips & tricks to the DJ Community.

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Rane TTM57SL Serato Mixer – Customize Midi Mapping Groups

Some basic tips I found that not all DJs who own the TTM57SL know that you can customize the 1st 5 groups of the mixer to what ever you like.  Leaving group 6 defaulted to the built in effects.  I share my custom mappings and why I choose them.

I also show a quick tip on how to stay in one group and launch the popular “Echo” effect by using your Flex FX buttons.

I’m interested to see what other DJs map their mixers for… Please share your tips, add comments, Like & Subscribe!

This is one of many Beyond Basic Tutorials that I’m contributing to the DJ community…  Check out my website – for more info, tips & tricks, and anything DJ related…

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iMaschine iPhone app Freestyle Scratch

iMaschine app for iPhone 4s is a must have for me… For only $5 bucks… I can get a lot of my ideas and work done right away! With the import/export functions I can take the beat and samples and continue working on it when I get home on my real Maschine! Thank you Native Instruments!

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Sampling into Maschine via Ableton Live & LPK25 Keyboard

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I wanted to lay down one of my favorite piano riffs from Isaac Hayes’s Ike’s Mood… it’s been sampled by many artists, like Biz Markie, Mary J. Blige, Smif n Wessun, Cormega and much more… I’m running Ableton Live 8.3 w/ Maschine 1.7 and my Akai LPK25 midi Keyboard…

I have used and sold my MPC1000…
I love my Maschine!!! Way too many possibilites!
The best way I can compare them is an Atari game system compared to a PS3…

Checkout my next vid on using the Maschine w/ Ableton Bridge and Serato!

DJ Ollie

Traktor Scratch Pro Kontrol Z2 is awesome!

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I’m officially making the switch to Traktor Scratch Pro w/ Native Instrument’s Maschine MK2 & the new Z2 mixer!  I was always curious about the “other DJ software” previously known as Stanton’s Final Scratch that failed back in the days and was jaded ever since… but not only have they learned from their mistakes, they also learned how to beat the competition – Serato… I have many reasons why Traktor is for me, but here are the main ones:

1.  Vinyl Control has more than double the rate of accuracy and less latency – Documented and personally tested.  Big + for me, cause I like to have the most accurate cuts & control when it comes to scratching and mixing – So this reason alone made me curious about Traktor…

2.  More features, options, upgrades & FX… Native Instruments really listened to the DJs who needed more out of their all in one setup and literally put it together all in one package!  W/o getting into too much technical detail… Let me break it down: Remix Decks, USB HUB, Compatibility w/ Maschine & Ableton (Sorry Serato/Ableton Bridge wasn’t cutting it and just as I thought, they Serato let that great idea get away from them…) and did I mention it comes w/ the 3 Stock Innofaders!?! Which brings me to obvious reason #3 –

3.  All this and probably 50% more features I haven’t touched on, for MORE THAN HALF of the Rane 62 mixer…  This was the killer no brainer for me to go buy the Z2!  I use the Rane 62 Z-trip every week at my weekly residency as well as I own the TTM57SL…

4.  In comparison w/ the 62 & the 57, the Z2 creators basically took a look at both mixers and made a better, efficient, roomier, not so jumbled up & can possibly hit the wrong load/cue/group button in the middle of a wicked set.  This makes me confident in knowing that this mixer was built by DJs for DJs…

DSCN1184As per usual, I don’t like being the one to talk about it… stay tuned as I demonstrate the complex cohesion of 3 separate programs and multiple pieces of DJ instruments to make that head knod goodie…  It does feel like I’m cheating on my first love, but if you gotta do it, at least it’s for a hotter, sexier chick that I want to freak!



New Beyond Basics DIY QFO Tonearm Hack

Another Beyond Basics Tutorial for you Hackers!

Qfo Vestax Tonearm Hack w/ Toothpicks, tape & rubberband.

A.S.T.S.(US patented)

Vestax’s original Anti Skipping Tone-arm System ensures high sound quality and stable playback by reducing the inner and outer force of the needle, suppressing horizontal vibrations. The entire system, from bearing parts to assembly, is performed by seasoned Japanese pros, which is why the A.S.T.S. tone arm is appraised world wide for its quality.



My Review on the new DJ Tech DIF – 1S Mixer!

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This 2ch. mixer was the talk of NAMM 2013 this year because of the High Quality and Low Cost!  It’s got a DVS solution switch and also the Mini Innofader installed for a total of $150!  Check out my videos on the DJ Tech Mixer!  Shout out to Alessio from DJ Tech for the hookup!

Valentines Day 2013 Mix – DJ Ollie’s Aphrodisiac

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1) Quincy Jones – Moody’s Mood For Love
2) Luther Vandross & Beyonce Knowles – The closer I get to you
3) Montell Jordan – What’s On Tonight
4) Ginuwine – So Anxious
5) Joe – Joe – No One Else Comes Close
6) Jagged Edge – I Gotta Be
7) Brian McKnight – Anytime
8) Playaz – Cheers to you
9) Janet Jackson – Anytime Anyplace
10) Ginuwine – Differences – (My whole life has changed….)
11) Keith Sweat – Nobody
12) R.Kelly-It Seems Like You’re Ready
13) Changing Faces & R. Kelly – Stroke You Up
14) Shai – Comforter
15) Dru Hill You Are Everything
16) Jodeci Cry For You
17) N’Sync – Gone
18) Usher – Usher – Nice and Slow
19) Silk – I Wanna Lick You Up and Down
20) Jodeci – Freakin’ You
21) Tevin Campbell – Shhh ( Break It Down )
22) Ginuwine – Pony [Album Version] 23) H-Town – Knockin’ Da Boots
24) Pretty RicKy – grind on me
25) Usher Lil Jon Ludacris – Lovers & Friends
26) Shai – If I Ever Fall In Love Again
27) Avant – Making Good Love – Avant
28) Ruff Endz – Someone to Love You
29) Tyrese – Sweet Lady
30)All The Things Your Man Won’t Do by Joe
31) Ready for the World – Let Me Love You Down
32) Sade – By your side – Sade dinner
33) Locked out of heaven Remix- Major Lazer Bruno Mars
34) Prince Royce – Stand By Me (Bachata Remix)
35) Will you still love me tomorrow – Leslie Grace (Lyrics)
36) So in love – All 4 one dinner
37) Jason Mraz And Colbie Caillat – Lucky
38) Kina Grannis-Valentine
39) Jason Mraz – If It Kills Me (From The Casa Nova Sessions)
40)Voices of Theory – Say It
41) Boyz II Men – You Make Me Feel Brand New Stylistics cover
42) BlackStreet – Before I Let You Go
43) Usher ft. Beyonce and Lil Wayne – In This Club REMIX (part II)
44) Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man
45) New Kids on the Block – Please Dont Go Girl
46) Miguel – Sure Thing
47) Az Yet – Last Night
48) Mariah Carey feat Joe & Nas – Thank God I Found You (Remix)
49) I’ll Never Stop loving You by Charles Cameron
50) Robin Thicke – Lost Without U
51) Feels like heaven
52) R Kelly – R. Kelly – Your Body’s Calling Me
53) Tonight (Best You Ever Had) – John Legend ft. Ludacris
54) Miguel – Adorn
55)Adorn Thembi Female Cover – DJ Ollie Reggae Refix
56)DJ Ollie Crew Love Reggae Refix Dirty Version
57)DJ Ollie Crew Love (Female Cover) Chrissy – Reggae Refix Dirty Version

Listen & Download here –

Two Simple Secrets of Every Successful DJ

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I had to share this most inspiring article by Phil Morse – The Editor behind one of the few sites/people I follow –  Click on the article to read the full story.2 simple secrets of successful dj

New How to Tutorial: Sampling into Maschine using Youtube & Serato without an External Soundcard

In this tutorial, I show you how to sample into Native Instruments Maschine w/o having to buy or connect an external sound card.  Alot of videos on youtube show you how to sample into Maschine, but they don’t tell you that they’re using an external sound card.  This will show you how to sample w/ just your Mac & Maschine…

Is your DJ equipment weighing you down?

In this edition of my “Beyond the Basics” tip for mobile DJs, I’ll show you how to make your setup easier to haul.

Time it’ll take you – about 5 min. total for both tables.

What you’ll need – Phillips screwdriver (preferably a power drill to make it quicker)

Difficulty level – 1/10 (Easy Breezy)

To be honest, the hardest part of my gigs is loading/unloading my equipment, so I made it a mission to make it as efficient as possible w/o resorting to changing to CDJs, controllers, etc.

For all you djs complaining about the weight, I got a solution that can help lighten your load…

I made my 1200s at least 10lbs. lighter on each one.  What I did was remove the metal bottom that is in the inner layer of the rubber external bottom.  It’s built in there to absorb the bass when used, but since I use an Odyssey coffin w/ insulation to keep it tight, there’s no need for me to keep that extra weight.  With the MK2’s are 27.5lbs each… trust me, you’ll feel the difference and your back will thank you.

Here’s a pic of what I removed:

All you have to do is:

1.  Unscrew the dozen screws underneath your 1200, remove the outer rubber bottom, then remove those inner aluminum weights.

2.  Reattach your rubber bottom using only the 4 Long Corner screws – (which makes it putting it back together faster & easier).

Side note – I tried them outside of the coffin too… and unless they’re mounted on a sketchy non-solid surface and/or on top of a subwoofer… they should be fine… Try it out and let me know if this helps!

Pimped my TTM57SL!

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Decided to get the silver cover to match my custom vinyl stickers… Shout to 12inchskinz for the hookup! You can view their custom labels @ for virtually any kind of DJ gear, and if they don’t got it, talk to my man Kartel… He’ll hook it up!


Four Weddings on TLC

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James & Kara’s Wedding @ the Rockleigh Me and my MC @djchrisatwood are waiting for this season’s episode of Four Weddings where we brought out the “Big Setup” @ the beautiful Rockleigh venue… The show air on Jan.31st… Hopefully we’ll get our shine on National TV!

Wake up! We’re living in a real life Matrix!

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I’m not usually known as a conspiracist… but more of a I believe it when I see it… I keep coming back to these fascinating documentaries and watching them over and over.  After doing my own research, unbiased to these films, I found that alot of their claims are 100% true.  Keep an open mind and don’t take everything at face value.  Do your own research and see how far the rabbit hole goes…

Here’s the original movie that started it for me…

Ultra Life Fridays 2nite @Perle Night Club

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DJOlliePerlePERLE NIGHT CLUB & LOUNGE 13 Paterson Street.  New Brunswick, NJ 08901.
Ultra Life Fridays
Ladies Free before 11pm, $12 after
Guys $15
Dress: Trendy Casual. No hats, baggy clothing, athletic apparel
21 & over
Main Room:  DJ Ollie playing Top 40, Dance, House, Latin, Reggae, Hiphop
Lounge:  DJ Naz (The Elite Camp) playing Old School Hip-Hop & Classics.
Complimentary bottle of champagne for Birthday parties!
Contact DJ Ollie – for Reduced Admission Guest List, Birthday Parties, VIP, and Bottle Specials

Scratch’s 10 year Anniversary Event

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Scratch10yearTo celebrate the amazing milestone of Scratch DJ Academy’s ten year anniversary and honoring the legacy of co-founder Jam Master Jay, we are hosting an event to honor three influential DJs who have each made a significant contribution to the DJ artform, culture and community: DJ A-Trak, DJ Kool Herc, and DJ Q-Bert.

This star-studded event was an exclusive event for only the Scratch staff and some students.  I felt really special to attend this once in a lifetime event.  Shout to Scratch Academy on their 10 year anniversary!

It was really dope to see all the DJs I looked up to growing up in person.  I was star struck!  Got talk to Qbert back stage for a couple of mins… He’s really down to earth despite his status as the Best DJ on the planet.  I also got to meet DJ Revolution, YogaFrog and DJ Immortal just to name a few…

IMG_2475 IMG_2486

IMG_2484 IMG_2469

WTF is a Trap Beat!?! Hopefully this will clear that up…

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I had a general idea of where “Trap beats” came from (the South) and…what kind of sound they had (slow 60-70bpm), but I wanted to know the origin and what makes up a “Trap” beat…  So I copped this off of Listen & Learn

Trap music is a form of Dirty south music or in other words southern music that is either rap or hip hop but instead its in its own league . When the dirty south first broke loose it was very popular in Southern cities that include Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Texas. Often times, hip hop and rap music was deemed as having two different sides to the genre (east and west). I guess you could sum it up say that those in the southern states started to feel a little left out and that is why this type of music emerged around the early 90’s like Outkast, Lil Troy, Ugk, Scarface and many more.


Trap beats

One of the Cool facts that you might find interesting is that (also according to Wikipedia) many Dirty south rappers and hip hop artists all released their music independently without a major label. This had to do with the fact that most of the attention was focused on music on the east coast or the west coast. With Contribution from Artists like Mike Jones,Rick Ross,LiL Wayne,Bun b,Gucci mane,Shawtty Redd,Keri Hilson,T pain,Ciara,Plies,Gorilla Zoe, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezzy and many more the Dirty dirty South came to be the genre that has been topping the Radio Charts with catchy beats in the last decade. Many different sub-genres are embedded in the dirty south genre like Trap beats, club beats and even some R&b artists have added their own twist to the ever growing genre.
As a whole Dirty South beats Are becoming more and more popular by the day as Rappers have easier access to them unlike years ago thanks to a Program Called Fruity Loops.Many Radio Ready Beats in the industry have been created with this piece of software alone.Over the years the Dirty South beat genre has had many phases with everything from Trap Street Bangers to catchy happy tunes. Many pioneers of the genre are still in the music scene paving the way for other dirty south artist in the region making it possible for the genre to prosper.One of the biggest hits the Dirty South has seen was T.I 24’s the song was recognized by many as the hottest song out of the dirty south at the time.Over the years the Dirty South got their Signature sound by reinventing the 808 Drum Machines and adding heavy brass, catchy leads, synthesis,Strings,Sharp Snares and super fast hi-hats and created what is known to us today as Dirty South/ Trap music.

Where Did Trap Beats come from?

Trap Beats

Definition of Trap Beats

Originated from the term “trap houses” with the underground drug trade, “trap music” is a style of Hip-Hop formally made by decent individuals as a means incorporating “traps” for bad people to fall into in reality;a means of tracking down who’s who in society.

Trap beats are technically the new way of describing dirty south beats. Most artist that have pioneered trap are that of Rick Ross, Lex Luger , Waka Flocka , Gucci Mane ,and O da juice man. These type of Trap instrumental have gain serious air play in recent years. They mainly are constructed using the 808 sub kick that acts like the main base line of the song.

Playing the chord structure of which the rest of the instrumental is made. Trap beats like that “BMF” by Rick Ross a Lex Luger instrumental which gained major recognition and pushed Lex Luger up to one of Hip Hop’s sought after music producers. Also during that Time is when Waka Flocka Flame broke with “Hard in the paint” which was also a Lex Luger Beat.

His Signature has even caught the the attention of that of Jay Z and Kanye West as he created the instrumental for “H.A.M” which featured on the “Watch The Throne”. Some of my favorite Trap Beats is that of “Yella Diamonds” By Rick Ross produced by Beat Billionaire. I just like the tricks and the sound used in the instrumental. The orchestra shots really give great energy for Rick Ross. I like the way you can hear the hard 808 kick more than the sub 808 too.

What defines Trap Beats?

Most Trap beats are constructed at 140bpm and tend to a have repetitive structure. Most the instrumentation is minimal. Most of the changes in the instrumental comes from the drums where the drums change over and over again.

Most trap beat makers look for changes in the snare rolls where the change the snare to 16/1 notes to 32/1 notes and use this effect for the high hats. This might create weird rake kind of sound that is heard many time in Trap Beats  . There is a lot of brass sound used in the instrumental’s that tend to follow the bass note’s of the beat.

The drums tend to change if a verse is 16 bars long. Having a different drum pattern In the first 8 bars and may drop out the kick or change the kick for the second 8 bars and have a different more busy with percussion for the chorus. One sound that I can hear regularly in trap music is that of the low crowd chant that can be heard under the snare sound.

Trap producers tend to use a high sound like that of whistle that creates a melody in the track. Some elements of trap music can be heard by listening to the rim shot sound that is trigger at the end of each fourth bar. Trap Beats to have a lot of sound effect’s to show the listener that there is a different pattern in the song structure. This can be heard by shuffling effect or a rising sfx made by the turning the cut-off on the synthesizer.

This will rise up the chorus or show a change in the verse.A Trap Beats producer like Lex Luger’s is well know for the using this effect and is seen with his signature in the trap instrumentals that are made by him.

Featured in How to become a DJ on a Cruiseship

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 11.46.57 PMDJ OllieBig Shout to Phil Morse of @DigitalDJtips for allowing me to share my experiences on numerous Cruiseships I was lucky to be a Celebrity Guest DJ for.  Check out the article 1 of 2 here:

Article 1 of 2:  What It’s Like To Work As A Cruise Ship DJ

Article 2 of 2:  9 Insider Tips To Landing A Job As A Cruise Ship DJ




Goodbye 2012… Hello 2013!

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Perle Nightclub’s 2012 NYE Bash was Awesome!  Had a great Year @PerleNightclub & GLOLounge.  Big Shout goes out to the whole Perle & GLO fam!  Check me out every Friday night!

Just got the Limited Edition QFO!!!

This was the most anticipated turntable around for turntablist and Scratch DJs… The one & only legend DJ Qbert (voted best DJ in the world – DJ Times) got together with Vestax in the late 90’s to make this all in one, one-of-a-kind invention…

As a teen, I didn’t dream about a cool car or fancy clothes, I dreamed about “THE QFO” the portable scratch turntable and mixer that you can take anywhere…and now it’s finally mine! Ask around, they discontinued these awhile back and to even think about buying them used, some sell for almost double the price of $2300!!! Good thing I ran into this cool cat from Cali – shout out to Rodell for the sweet hookup!

2013-01-02 23.31.14

Technics 1200s repair cheap and fast!

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2012-12-26 23.44.1320121229-043624.jpg

Finally got the Turntables @ Perle fully tuned up and modded out w/ Ice blue bright LED’s!  Compliments of HotRod!  Had a chance to rockem tonight and all ready to go for New Year’s Eve!  Starting out 2013 right!  HotRod also got tables for sale and provides quick and cheap repair service on Technics 1200s… Contact me if interested…

Disney Fantasy Cruise – Freestyle Scratch

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Freestyle Scratch on the Disney Fantasy Cruise in The Tube… Waiting to go on after the couples gameshow… Had 2 minutes to kill before going on for nightly club set in The TUBE… So why not cut it up!


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2013 New Year’s Eve Party People!!! – I’ll be spinning alongside w/ Johnny Fx A Rico @ the Sexiest Nightclub in NJ at Perle New Brunswick! Also w/ Trent Van Doren and DJ Ed upstairs at Glo New Brunswick! We are the only venues giving you exclusive access to FOUR DJS in TWO Clubs for ONE Price!

Which includes:


Rocking til 6 in the AM!

Complimentary Champagne Toast

Assorted Fine Hors D’oeuvres

Sky Bottles – $150 Special All night Long!

Call 732-261-4044 for Table reservations

Buy your Tix now online @ before they sell out!

$55 special price for access to Glo and Perle












Official Launch –!

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I decided to officially launch my own personal site that will show all my shows, schedules, music, videos, interests, hobbies, thoughts and experiences…

iMaschine iPhone app Freestyle Scratch

iMaschine app for iPhone 4s is a must have for me… For only $5 bucks… I can get a lot of my ideas and work done right away! With the import/export functions I can take the beat and samples and continue working on it when I get home on my real Maschine! Thank you Native Instruments!

Thanks for watching… Feel free to Comment, Like, Subscribe!

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