Is your DJ equipment weighing you down?

Is your DJ equipment weighing you down?

In this edition of my “Beyond the Basics” tip for mobile DJs, I’ll show you how to make your setup easier to haul.

Time it’ll take you – about 5 min. total for both tables.

What you’ll need – Phillips screwdriver (preferably a power drill to make it quicker)

Difficulty level – 1/10 (Easy Breezy)

To be honest, the hardest part of my gigs is loading/unloading my equipment, so I made it a mission to make it as efficient as possible w/o resorting to changing to CDJs, controllers, etc.

For all you djs complaining about the weight, I got a solution that can help lighten your load…

I made my 1200s at least 10lbs. lighter on each one.  What I did was remove the metal bottom that is in the inner layer of the rubber external bottom.  It’s built in there to absorb the bass when used, but since I use an Odyssey coffin w/ insulation to keep it tight, there’s no need for me to keep that extra weight.  With the MK2’s are 27.5lbs each… trust me, you’ll feel the difference and your back will thank you.

Here’s a pic of what I removed:

All you have to do is:

1.  Unscrew the dozen screws underneath your 1200, remove the outer rubber bottom, then remove those inner aluminum weights.

2.  Reattach your rubber bottom using only the 4 Long Corner screws – (which makes it putting it back together faster & easier).

Side note – I tried them outside of the coffin too… and unless they’re mounted on a sketchy non-solid surface and/or on top of a subwoofer… they should be fine… Try it out and let me know if this helps!