Diving into DJing on the Disney Fantasy

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On the Disney Fantasy Cruiseship, I get to share my knowledge of DJing to the teens onboard at the teen only club – The Vibe. We usually have a regular 2 turntable setup w/ a mixer and teach the teens Scratching… Well, in my past experiences in teaching DJing and scratching to newbies, I found that after a couple of minutes they tend to lose interest.

So by implementing my Traktor Kontrol S4 and laptop, I get to relate to the kids w/ the songs that they’re currently listening to and show them a real-life scenario of how I would mix, scratch and manipulate them by showing them the basics.

It basically went from a couple of minutes of interest into over an hour and not enough time to teach them DJing…

Now, if it was up to me, I would have them learn on turntables… but w/ the heavy hands of newbies resulting in constant skipping of the record and other issues w/ turntables… I found that we could progress much faster in the given time that was allowed…

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